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You must be unfamiliar with these mantra!

Now do you often dream rush of that year?

Will miss the laughing in classroom?

Would you remember that girl who you fail to pursue for?

Do you remember the teachers saying all the way?

1. I'll talk for two minutes more.

2.  you say or I say,  if you say you come up and tell me.

3.  Sleep if you do not want to listen.

4.  Call your parents to come here tomorrow!

5. You read books for yourselves, not for teachers.

6. The sports teacher has something to do today. This lesson is changed to math class.

7.  It's easy for you in College

8. You are the worst one I've ever teached.

9. This is a delivery question, the students! A is obviously wrong! B can be excluded! D is the wrong option! So you can only choose C.

10. Why Look at what I do. I have not a word on my face. Read the book!

11. Did nobody raise their hands? Then I choose some one.

Why is it late? I don't want to listen to any reason.

The whole building will hear the noise of our class.

You can't influence others without learning.

Three feet of the podium, laying much smooth, a pointer, make pillars of achievement. Two days later is teacher's day, EACO also on behalf of all the Fondof people blesses the he teachers happy holiday.

Once tired of the nagging , now even somewhat miss.

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