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the original electrode was made in this way!

The welding strip is a melting electrode used for arc welding with coating, and it is the basic welding material for manual arc welding. The variety of welding rod is complex, with many size , strict quality , short production cycle , strong continuous operation and big output . So besides having the best electrode design and correct selection of raw materials, there must be corresponding manufacturing process, equipment and strict inspection and testing methods in order to produce a high quality electrode.

The welding rod manufacturing process is summed up in the following seven major processes:

❶  Core processing (rust, drawing, straight cut nuclear);

❷  The preparation of the raw material of the electrode (comminution and sieve powder);  

❸  Preparation and distribution of water glass;

❹  The preparation of welding rod coating;

❺  The press coating of the welding rod;

❻  Welding rod drying and packing;

❼  Inspection of the finished product of welding electrode.

(welding rod production video, please watch under WiFi, the local tyrant at random)

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